What's Happening?

Over the past two years, Tolko has been engaged in the safe and orderly decommissioning work for the Kelowna Mill Site and, more recently, has joined in preliminary discussions with the City of Kelowna regarding redevelopment of the property and the opportunity to work with the community to create the vision and plan that will guide that process.

The City of Kelowna is preparing to launch a public process for the North End Plan. At the same time, the Mill Site Planning Team will undertake a separate community planning process to create the Mill Site Redevelopment Plan. This process will be integrated with the community’s vision and aspirations for the North End.  

As the planning process advances, we will be continuing with the site decommissioning and assessment work that has been underway for the past year. This work is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.


Built in 1932 during the Great Depression, for over 80 years the Kelowna Mill Site served Kelowna residents as a place of employment and a source of community connections, with an excellent team that produced a highly regarded, quality stud for North American and export markets.

Its impact extends far beyond its physical property. As a core thread in the tapestry of Kelowna’s heritage, the Mill Site is the perfect place to build an inclusive future for Kelowna - connecting our city's rich history to an evolving future.

Creating a New Community

Redevelopment of the Kelowna Mill Site presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transition this large, industrial property to a new, master-planned, destination waterfront neighbourhood adjacent to the downtown core.  

We understand the community is excited about the opportunities that will accompany redevelopment of the Mill Site and we value the imagination and creativity that the community will contribute to crafting a vision for this new neighbourhood. To keep the community informed, the project planning team will be sharing updates on this website, and through email updates. To stay informed, register for updates today.

Stay Informed

The Team

The development and planning initiative for the Kelowna Mill Site property is being managed through Holar Developments.  Holar Developments is 100% owned by Timber Investments Ltd., the same family business which owns TOLKO.   

Holar Developments has assembled a team of experienced development and planning professionals to implement the redevelopment of the Mill Site.  The planning team leading the redevelopment plan is DIALOG design. DIALOG has decades of experience collaborating with developers, municipalities and community members to create beloved places. Ladysmith Waterfront Area Plan, NK’MIP Desert Cultural Centre and Granville Island are examples of their award-winning work. DIALOG’s team of planners is excited to be working alongside Holar's Kelowna-based team and the local community to nurture ideas and perspectives that reflect everything the Okanagan Valley has to offer.  Mr. Dan Walsh, who is leading the The Holar Developments team, is a former senior executive with the Grosvenor International Group and a current Director with UBC Properties Trust.   

Keep Me Informed

From the very beginning, this project has been about community. An opportunity to connect our community, to serve our community, and to include our community.

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